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Every year more than 500 students transfer to Loyola Marymount from 160 different community colleges and from other four-year institutions. LMU offers a network of support services designed to make your transition to the bluff seamless, such as Transfer Enrollment Services, allowing you to settle into your classes and start taking full advantage of the LMU experience.

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions for transferring to LMU.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • All admitted students will receive a course evaluation and it will be available in PROWL approximately 2 weeks after admission. You can reference the Registration tab of Future Lions for information on evaluation deadlines and for instructions on gaining access to PROWL.

  • Yes. Course evaluations are completed using the information we had on file during the admissions review. If you had courses in progress for the fall or spring term at the time of admission, you will want to send an updated transcript to our office. Once you complete your current semester, please send an additional updated transcript to for review.

  • After you submit your enrollment deposit, your advisor’s information will appear in the Registration section of Future Lions. Prior to contacting your advisor, you will need to make note of your designated window and ensure your course evaluation is complete. Before then, if you have questions about your course evaluation, please contact the Transfer Admission office at

  • Financial aid packages are released on a rolling basis, 7-10 business days after you are accepted to LMU. You will want to make sure you submitted your FAFSA and included LMU as an institution of interest.

  • For questions regarding your merit award, please contact our office at For questions or appeal information on your need-based financial aid, please contact LMU Financial Aid at

  • Review the Housing tab in Future Lions where step-by-step instructions are available. The Housing application will appear in MyLMU under Campus Life approximately 3 days after submission of your enrollment deposit. Housing is assigned in July in the order completed applications are received - after BOTH the application and Housing deposit have been processed.

  • Our Housing office will use the information you include on your application to make assignments and will work to pair roommates using indicated roommate preferences and class standing.

  • Transfer students are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis pending space availability. Though historically we have not had an issue accommodating our transfer students, housing is not guaranteed. Assignments are made in late July, after all required materials are submitted and continues through the summer.

  • If you are having trouble finding a roommate, committed students can email to request to join LMU’s Off Campus Room Sync portal. This online app uses Facebook to connect you with other students looking for roommates off campus.

  • Maybe. Transfer students with previous transferable math credit will not have to complete LMU’s Math Placement Exam. Your assigned advisor will share if a placement exam will be required, based off of your major and previous academic work.

  • Yes. Our office wants to ensure you make the best decision possible and understand that may mean needing additional time. Deposit dates are based off the group you were accepted with and if you choose to wait, know that your new date will follow the next corresponding group. A full grid of admit groups and each deposit date is available in the Registration tab of Future Lions. If you choose to push your deposit date, know that this will impact your registration and housing. We encourage all students to reach out to our office at to talk through any questions before taking this step.

  • Yes. Generally, recruitment begins in the Spring semester. For additional information visit Sorority and Fraternity Life at LMU.

  • Yes. We recommend when speaking with your advisor to let them know your intention to study aboard so they can provide the best recommendations. Additionally, in your first semester at LMU, visit our Study Aboard office to discuss the application process.

  • Yes. Workday is LMU's job board for all on-campus employment opportunities and allows LMU students to explore work-study and non-work study job opportunities.

  • Yes. Students registered in 7 or more billable hours will automatically be charged $374.50 for parking via their student account on a semester basis. Please see the Student Parking website for more information and steps to opt-out of parking if you will not be bringing a car to campus.

Please go to for specific information relating to transferring to LMU. We can also be reached virtually at